Johnny Steve Han, D.D.S.

Creator of the Squirt Brush

  The innovation behind the Squirt Brush was to improve the problematic areas of all dental symptoms and diseases. The Squirt Brush provides maximum cleaning efficiency by using the interproximal brush with the attached refillable bottle to deliver a variety of mouth rinses for irrigation and disinfection. Patients will benefit from using the Squirt Brush for their oral hygiene needs. It provides easy trouble-free usage and is conveniently packaged for portability. There is no equivalent product in the dental market; therefore, I went out of my way to invent the Squirt Brush.

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“There was great improvement of my patient’s overall gingival health. The Squirt Brush surpasses traditional interproximal brushing techniques.”

Dr. C. Lee General Dentist

“I have had positive feedback from patient’s who have used it in areas of furcation involvement and interproximal areas with moderate gingival recession.”

Dr. M. Mac General Dentist

“The Squirt Brush exceeds conventional oral caring methods because it’s like brushing, flossing and rinsing at the same time. The device produces positive results for patients on periodontal maintenance and patients with braces.”

Dr. H. Tao Loo General Dentist

“The Squirt Brush is beneficial for the patient because it combines brush and mouthwash to remove plague while simultaneously rinsing and killing bacteria. This is why the Squirt Brush is the first of its class and unique to its kind.”

Dr. Shaw General Dentist

“I like the Squirt Brush. I use the Squirt Brush personally on a regular basis. It is especially helpful in hard-to-reach areas in-between brackets and teeth.”

Dr. F. Chen Orthodontist

“Excellent! You won’t regret using the Squirt brush!”

Dr. R. Shih General Dentist

“This is a handy device for exceptional oral hygiene results.”

T.C. Chiu, M.D.

“It’s a very useful product for my orthodontic patients. Patients gave me positive feedback on the Squirt Brush since it greatly improved their oral hygiene. It’s a brilliant idea because the interproximal brush combines brush and mouthwash into one. I recommend other Orthodontists to give the Squirt Brush a try.”

Dr. S. Meng Orthodontist

“Mechanical debridement is essential to controlling plaque accumulation especially in cervical and interproximal areas. Subgingival irrigation has also been proven to aid in reducing the levels of periodontal pathogens. The design of the Squirt Brush allows the accomplishment of both. It delivers any type of irrigant to the brush head allowing simultaneous debridement and local delivery of the irrigant. It could potentially be a useful adjunct in controlling the periodontal disease process.”

Dr. J. Steve Han General Dentist

“Brilliant interproximal brush for patients to use. Patients can benefit by using the Squirt Brush without hassle at home…it cleans directly where gaps are prevalent and bacteria and plaque is present.”

Dr. D. Fang Endodontist